Almoner - Teacher - (2)
--These members have the duty to teach new members or puppies about the pack and living there, as well as teaching smaller skills.  It is very likely that these members will know how to read, write, speak another language, et cetera.
Apothecary - Healer- (2)
--The Apothecary is the healer of the pack, responsible for making sure that sick, injured, old, weak, or young members of the pack are seen to.  They often use natural remedies to heal wounds or help ease the pain of sickness and will also act in the role of a midwife, if needed, during the birth of a litter in the pack.
Mantes - Fortune-teller - (2)
--These wolves may pretend to see into the future for entertainment, are very good at giving advice, and are also considered storytellers for the pack, particularly its puppies.
Lautari - Bard - (2)
--Those holding this co-rank have shown mastery with anything musical, be it an instrument or singing.
Knight - Head Soldier - (1)
--This member if in charge of keeping the pack and its members safe, often patrolling the borders and stepping in if fights happen to occur.  They are skilled with both hand-to-hand combat and weaponry, and they train the Esquires.
Marshall - Stablemaster - (1)
--The one holding this co-rank is in charge of the stables and taking care of the horses for the pack, as well as helping members find a horse if they are interested in having one.  The Pages report to this him or her.
Arbalist - Archer/Bow-Maker - (2)
--These members are skilled in the use of a bow, as well as know how to make them and offer them to members of the pack.  Often, they will also teach members how to properly shoot a bow if they do not know how already.
Lorel - Jester - (2)
--Jesters are meant for entertainment and amusement, and those that hold this co-rank have shown an ability to entertain and amuse members of their pack, old and young alike.  They may tell jokes or stories or do enteraining acts.
Reeve - Spy and Ambassador - (2)
--Inter-pack relations are very important, and it is the job of the Reeve to keep up to date on the happenings in other packs, both through observation or by actually speaking to members of another pack.  They report to the leaders.
Huntsman - Hunter - (3)
--Though everyone is expected to pull their own weight, those holding this co-rank have the duty of making sure that everyone is fed, particularly new mothers and their children ro those that are unable to hunt for themselves.  They know the patterns of the herds and are particularly skilled at hunting large game.
Blacksmith - Metal-worker - (2)
--These members have shown skill in making and wiedling things out of metal.
Lady-in-Waiting - Fashionista - (2)
--Those with this co-rank have shown skill in decorating or fashion, very important considering the majority of the pack is very humanized and live in houses.  They have shown skill as seamstresses and have an eye for design and flair.
Mason - Wood-worker - (3)
--The carpenters of the pack, Masons are responsible for building new things as well as maintaining old structures if the need arises.  Their skill can range from building small things, such as furniture for houses or toys for puppies, but some may have the skill to build up an entire house.
Marquist - Tatoo Artist - (2)
--In a pack so humanized, tattoos are not uncommon.  Naturally, someone must be able to do these tattoos and must have the skill to do so.  They may choose to offer their services in trade for something, but as it is their duty within the pack, they cannot refuse a job without a very good reason.
Page - Stablehand - (3)
--Those holding this co-rank have an interest in horses and assist the Marshall in his/her work in the stables.
Esquire - Underling Soldier - (3)
--Those with this co-rank are skilled in fighting and protecting the pack, but are constantly being trained by the Knight.  They report to him or her with any reports or problems and to find out their duties.