• June 3:  Cour des Miracles is formed by Jacquez Trouillefou, Ruri Aceline, Haven Aatte, Svara Thames, Firefly Sadira, and Leroy.  Ranks are assigned, and Jacquez becomes the King, while Svara becomes the Constable.
  • Dates Unknown:  Svara Thames and Firefly Sadira both leave the pack separately, no explanation given.  Firefly later rejoins on August 26, and Svara rejoins on September 23.  Svara is given the rank of Serf, omega status.
  • August 26:  Cour des Miracles hosts a horse race with AniWaya!  There are six contestants, and the order of winning went as follows:  Haven Aatte (CdM, riding Drogon), Dawali Amara (AW, riding Belle), Heath morte dre Soul (CdM, riding Lumiere), Susquehanna (AW, riding Galilahi), Catherine (AW, riding Bluma), and finally Hemming (AW, riding Bayard).  Members of both packs came to watch, and it was a fantastic day.
  • October 17:  The pack’s first litter is born to Ayita Catori and Leroy, resulting in one female (Amaranth Catori) and one male (Kable Catori).
  • October 18:  Svara Thames jumps dramatically from the cliffs into the ocean, killing herself and hurting those she was close to.
  • November 14:  Jacquez asks Ruri Aceline to be the Dauphine, and she accepts.
  • November 17:  Jacquez asks Vigilante Haskel to step up as the Constable to give a strong face to the leadership.  Vigilante accepts.


  • January 11:  Jacquez calls a pack meeting to announce Ruri and Vigilante as leaders, as well as to discuss the war between Dahlia de Mai and Inferni.  The pack is to remain neutral, but both Jacquez and Firefly will be aiding Inferni.  Cour des Miracles will be a safe haven for anyone wishing to get away from the war.