Cour des Miracles does not have any restrictions on what types of characters may join (wolf, coyote, dog, or a mix of any), and we are generally very accepting of new members (we love new blood)!  However, one very important thing to keep in mind is that your character needs to act appropriately if they want to join the pack.  This means that trespassing, rudeness, or violence will likely result in your character being turned away.  This isn't because we don't like you!  It's simply because we need to keep our characters in-character, and have them react as they would in that situation.

When you want to join, you need to create a new thread in the territory and mark it with a "J" for joining.  If it is private for a specific leader, please make a clear note of this!  CdM prefers IC joining, although we do also accept OOC joiners.  Please keep in mind all of the joining rules for 'Souls, located here.  Please remember to fill out all of the information clearly!  Here is the IC joining form for 'Souls.  The OOC joining form can be found on the linked page.  New members will start off as a Seigneur, unless they do something wrong, which will put them as a Serf.  Transfers from other packs may be put at a higher rank, and this is at the discretion of the pack's leaders.

  • Character Name:
  • Character Birthdate (including year):
  • Whether s/he is a regular wolf or a Luperci: Not applicable to non-canines
  • Species: If your character is a canine, put their subspecies.
  • Gender:
  • A secondary form of contact (AIM, MSN, Y!M).
  • How you found 'Souls: Not required for returning or current members
  • Initial post:

Second Characters

Cour des Miracles is accepting of everyone and are generally lenient with second characters in the same pack.  To request it, simply PM one of the leaders (take your pick - go for someone you see online or someone you know is online a lot for a quicker response) to make sure it is okay.  Of course, you need to keep in mind the rules that 'Souls has in reards to additional characters in the same pack

Game points for second characters will be kept in a separate tally from your first.  However, the leadership sees no problem with you having the ability to combine your points for prizes!  For example, if you play Maria and Todd in CdM, they would have two separate point tallies.  If you have 250 points for Todd and 150 points for Maria and you would like to buy a title that costs 400 points for Todd, you can combine the points from both characters (these are example numbers and may not reflect the current status of the game).

At the current moment, CdM does not have a rank cap for your second character, so as long as your activity is good enough, then you will not be penalized for having two characters in the same pack by having their ability to be promoted lost.  This is subject to change in the future, but it is this way for the time being.

Rank Shuffles and Mandatory Threads

Rank shuffles are done at the end of every month.  The leaders keep a list of the minimum post requirements to keep your rank or promote you, as well as the cut-off number for members to be demoted at.  If you are the absentee list, this is taken into account while doing the shuffle.  There will be an announcement every time there is a rank shuffle.  Currently, we have a rotating schedule of who does the rank shuffle.

If there is a mandatory pack thread, it will be pinned and be labelled as such.  Failure to make an appearance can, and usually will, result in a demotion for your character or its removal from the pack.  Mandatory threads usually only require 1-2 posts from each member and will be kept as short as possible, as they contain important information.

Greeting Newcomers and Accepting Joiners

Because joining threads should move very quickly and smoothly, there have been a few policies put into place to ensure such a thing will happen.  We want new members to hop right in, so these need to be quick!

  • If a leader is already in the thread, please do not join.  There is no need and it can easily slow things down.
  • Those in the Royal Court and Royal House ranks may greet newcomers and, at the moment, accept them.  This is subject to change.
  • Those ranked in the Noblesse ranks or above may greet newcomers, but if they are not ranked high enough to accept members, they must call for someone who can and give them a brief overview.
  • If some has already greeted the newcomer, please do not join unless it is a member who cannot accept new members and your character can.


  • You must reach the rank of Comte/Comtessa or higher (the Noblesse tier and above).
  • You must have at least two threads where your character displays the skill required for the desired co-rank.
  • You must be an adult member of the pack.
  • Once these have been met, you need to PM a leader (Vigilante, Jacquez, or Ruri) with the co-rank you desire and a link to the threads where the skills were displayed.
  • If you drop below the rank of Comte/Comtessa or you are put on NPC status, your co-rank will be removed.  You may reapply, but you will need two new threads to do so.