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Pirata Grotto

A partially submerged opening leads the way into Pirata Grotto, a cave well known for its majestic waters. Inside, the ocean water appears to glow a vibrant blue, even amidst the darkness of the cave. Well beneath the surface lies an opening which allows the sunlight to pour in, illuminating the water to the point that it glows. To the back of the cave is the very thing that gave the Grotto its name: remnants of a ship lie in wait, washed up and wedged in the rocks, rumored to have been the ship of a band of Pirates. While it seems almost impossible to gain entrance to Pirata Grotto, if one waits until low tide, the ocean washes away, revealing a small path of rocks that lead safely into the cave.

Shattered Coast

While the rocky shore is a turn-off for many, it is in this area that the best fishing spots are found. A daring fisherman might also find several prime crabbing areas. For the explorers, a multitude of ocean caves line the shore, some of which are only accessible during low tide. There are also hundreds of little islands just off shore. If one follows the downward slope away from the caves, they'll find a thin plain area before crossing into thickly wooded territory.

Firefly's Cabin

A breezy hut abandoned long ago by the settlers that built it. The fresh scent of sea salt pervades the area, and there is little protection from the rampant elements, but it has withstood the test of time. It was within those frail walls that the pack held their first meeting.  This is also where the small pack lived before they claimed land and became an official pack, and this is why this is an important landmark in the territory.

Niobrara Stables and Racetrack

Nestled in the Cour des Miracles' territory is the Niobrara Racetrack and Stables. In the days of the humans it was a popular place to go watch the races and gamble, but it has been neglected ever since the once dominant race's demise. Despite that, it has weathered considerably well. The oblong track is still visible, though covered in overgrown grass and weeds. The stadium seating is also still intact, though hardly safe. The stables are the real treasure trove of Niobrara however. The stalls are still intact and can easily accommodate at least fifty horses. There are also plenty of bridals, blankets, and saddles to be found. It is the perfect place to house and train a horse.

Arbres de la Falaise

The sheer walls of the cliffs that rise majestically above the crashing waves support a second, verdant world above them. To those willing to make the arduous climb, or hike around the imposing stone, there is a lush forest thriving at the top. Prey animals such as deer and rabbits have bred uninterrupted for too many moons, so the land is ripe with natural resources.

Chien Hotel

A large several story abandoned Hotel that is located just off the beach at the western side of the territory. Chien Hotel is in good condition, it has a few broken windows and minor repairs but otherwise this is the main headquarters of pack. Hidden within the thick trees as it has a large metal gate surrounding it, this gives the hotel a dark but powerful look. Among the many rooms and hall ways it has a large basement and wine cellar.  The hotel has four floors, the top three consisting of many rooms on each floor, and the first floor including general rooms, such as the kitchen, the dining room, and the foyer.

Current Residents:
--Strelein von Rosnete - Single bedroom on the second floor, also uses the first floor former dining room as work space.
--Alaine Winters - Single bedroom on the second floor with one bed, though she also frequents the kitchen.
--Sylvie Ciel and Caillen Winters - Single bedroom on the second floor with two beds, adjacent to Alaine's room.
--Orin Takekuro - Single bedroom on the second floor, adjacent to Niro's room.
--Niro Takekuro - Single bedroom on the second floor, adjacent to Orin's room.


The port town of Lunenburg lies on the western part of Mahone Bay, the harbor still holds all sorts of seaworthy vessels from tiny dingies to fishing boats and even swift schooners. Tourism was one of Lunenburg's main sources of income in the reign of humans and that still shows with the number of restaurants, inns, hotels and shops that use to serve the tourist trade. From the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, and HB Studios, to the Lunenburg Opera House there's something for everyone.

Current Residents:
--Vigilante Haskel, Ayita Catori, Amaranth Catori, and Kable Catori - A single-floor seagreen house with a small shed-converted-stable in back yard that houses Vigilante's stallion.
--Rurik Russo and Liliya Russo - A small (one floor only) and simple faded blue bungalow with a small, unfurnished shack in the overgrown back yard.

Other Residences

These are the people whose residences do not fall in any of the subterritories.  Small markers will be placed on the map soon enough to mark their whereabouts, but for now, a simple list will suffice.

--Haven Aatte and Princess Chance - info here
--Ruri Aceline and Heath motre dre Soul - A small, bungalow style cabin on the little peninsula to the left of Firefly's cabin (closer to the stables.) It has a wrap around porch with a set of windchimes hanging in front of the front door