About the Stables

Cour des Miracles has a horse track and stable within its territory, and shortly after the formation of the pack, a large ammount of wild horses were caught and penned in.  Since then, members have been able to choose their own horses (if the horse chooses them, as well, of course!) and attempt to tame and ride them, or simply keep them as a companion. 

Note:  If your character has been role played out as having a horse, please send a message to Vigilante Haskel with a picture and a bit of information about the horse to have them added to this page!


Drogon is a mustang stallion that was found by Haven Aatte in the Shiloh Hills. Haven lead the stallion back to Cour des Miracles where he named him Drogon and began to work to form a bond with him. The two have become very close and often go on rides around the lands. He stays in the Niobrara Stables and is very strong and spirited.


Nádherné is an adult blood bay stallion owned by Vigilante Haskel.  When searching for metal-working tools in the stables, Vigilante found him and the stallion followed him.  Nádherné now lives in a hollowed-out and modified shed in the back yard of Vigilante's house, a makeshift stable that is more than spacious for the stallion since he does not stay in the pack's main stables.  He is very headstrong and seems to find the luperci very tedious and also amusing creatures.


Rem is a friesian stallion that accompanied Anann Kelevra north to souls. A trained warhorse, the large stallion has been with Anann since she was born. Extremely protective of Anann, he is not usually a threat to anyone so long as they are not a threat to her. Free-willed and spirited, He accepts no saddle or bridle. He freely roams Cour des Miracles, thought typically doesn't stray far from the stables unless with Anann.