The Royal House
King/Queen (1)
--This is the highest ranked member of the pack.  They need to be fair and confident or their ruling will be short.  The king or queen has the final authority in any pack matters.  If they are absent for any reason, the Dauphin(e) and Constable can fill the position until the king or queen returns from their absence.
Dauphin(e) (1)
--This is the King or Queen's second-in-command, a very trusted individual.  They are needed to level out the King or Queen's decision, assist them in all pack matters, and be available for members to talk to if they need someone.  They cannot be judgmental individuals, and must know how to keep their emotions in line for the better of the pack.
Constable (1)
--Third in command, the Constable focuses a great deal on the justice and punishments within the pack, meaning they must be both fit and fair.  They are in charge of keeping a level head for the members of the pack, making things as fair as possible, acting as a mediator if necessary, and keeping inter-pack relations as good as possible.  Though not in charge, they do sometimes act as a figure for the entire pack, especially when dealing with problems or simple discussions with other packs.

The Royal Court - All are equal in rank.
Chancellor (1)
--This wolf acts as a mediator between members if a higher ranked wolf is needed for this.  They are able to suggest punishments to the leaders (largely the King and Constable) as they see fit, but must also keep fairness in mind.  They trusted with the job of being a consultant to the leaders.
Chamberlain (1)
The wolf holding this rank is usually very firm, headstrong, and determined.  If problems arise, it is likely that they will involve themselves in some way, and they are expected to keep relations within the pack on a positive note.  They are very determined, which can come in handy when dealing with other packs, but must also know when to back down.
Seneschal (1)
--Their main focus is justice and protection within the pack.  They have high millitary command and often are knowledgable about the other packs in the area, keeping up to date and vigilant.
Majordomo (1)
--This wolf is largely in charge of ensuring that the pack's puppies are safe, as well as teaching them and making sure that they will grow to be valuable members of the pack as they age.

The Pairie
Count/Countess (3 total)
These members are trusted above most regular pack members, and they are the ones that will be considered next for a position in the Royal Court.  At this rank, duties should be automatically done without hesitation.  It is very likely that members will come to them for advice or help, as these are seasoned members of the pack.
Baron/Baroness (3 total)
--These members are trusted and respected.  They are usually the ones to help keep other members in line if the need arises, and it is not unknown for the leaders to give them assignments that they would not give to any regular pack member.
Lord/Lady (3 total)
These wolves often help the Royal Court and the Royal House with small jobs, but there is no set duty for them.  They are trusted enough to hold a high rank and should be viewed as such by other members.

The Noblesse
--At this rank, you are required to do more work for the pack, helping out with jobs that are not currently being filled, helping to protect the pack, and helping to watch puppies if needed, as these members are trusted much more.
--This rank is mainly spent honing your co-rank duties and determining what you will do with them to help the pack.  If you do not have a co-rank yet, you will be assigned simple things to do, but it is much better to pursue a co-rank at this point.
--At this rank, wolves may begin requesting co-ranks.  It is encouraged that they really learn about what they plan to do, as well as determine whether or not the co-rank suits them.  You may also begin greeting newcomers at the borders, but you cannot accept them.  Please keep our policies regarding this in mind!

The Commoners
--This is a step above the starter rank, where you are moved once you have proven your loyalty.  These members do not have many duties, but are expected to pull their own weight in the pack and to acclimate completely.  This is a good time to start training for a co-rank, if there is one that is desired.  Puppies that were incredibly active will be put here.
--This is the starting rank for all adult newcomers to the pack, as well as puppies when they grow out of the Scions ranks (with the exception of puppies who had amazing activity, who will be placed one rank higher).
--This is the lowest ranking adult member of the pack.  A member may be put here due to inactivty or disrespect towards leaders/fellow members.  It is difficult to get out of this rank once you have been put into it.

The Scions
--These are the puppies aged 4-7 months, not yet in the adult ranks, but being trained to become fully active members of the pack.
--These are puppies from the very start of their life until they reach 4 months old.  Remember that puppies do not become playable until they are 2 months old.